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This our brand new Second Hand Clothing Section at Green Jeans Toxin Free Clothing Shop. Everyone is scrambling to save money in response to the economic turmoil going on all over the world right now. In the past, whenever times get tough economically, we all put the planets health concerns and often our own health concerns on a back burner.
When it comes to going green, though, this is just not necessary. Your expenses can actually DECREASE when you go green, especially when you realize how much money you can save by buying clothing that has been previously owned, but not ruined. Some of the used clothing for sale still has the tags attached! The savings to be found by shopping for used stuff in general are huge, probably in the 50 -95 % range. Clothes that are pre-owned are the biggest savings, followed by used furniture, which we do not have at this store yet.

Buying Second hand, gently used, previously owned or recycled clothing for yourself, your family and even pets can greatly contribute to the earths' well being. Instead of used or post retail clothing going to the dump, it gets reused, and hence, recycled.
This type of re-use keeps the landfill sites from filling up with tons & tons of consumer goods that do not belong there.

So, while you're shopping for second hand clothes, why not double your green effort by checking out the ORGANIC second hand clothing that is for sale these days. Shopping with the intent to buy second hand, organic shirts, pants & accessories will not be any different than shopping for non organic stuff, so why not at least give it try. Clothes that are manufactured using toxin free fabrics and processes have been produced for several years now, so the used items on the market right now are plentiful.

To find out if there are any organic used clothes currently available, use the search bar, at the top of the page, to do a search for 'organic'. The search results will bring up the used organic clothes that are listed.

For Example
Right now this Organic Cotton Baby Girl Outfit
by George Organic Baby just sold for
ONLY US $2.99 CDN $3.39

View More Organic Baby Outfits Like This

Sizes Infant & Toddler

There are hundreds of items of used organic clothing listed for sale right now. The listings below display used clothing that is NOT necessarily organic. So check out all the incredible low prices on used clothing items that are currently listed for sale on ebay.com and keep in mind, that some used clothing IS organic and try to find a great deal on toxin free clothes if you can find them.
If you can't find organic, then know that you are still helping the environment just by reusing th recycled clothing instead of buying new.

There are links to each of these in the left side column, or just click on the text links above to see what's for sale. Use the search bar on each page to find a size, brand, organic or whatever!

Gerber Baby Clothing Mid-Sleeve Top (0-3 months)

Gerber Baby Clothing Mid-Sleeve Top (0-3 months)

Price: $0.99
Buy It Now: $1.00
baby girl clothes 0-3 months lot 7pcs

baby girl clothes 0-3 months lot 7pcs

Price: $0.99
Buy It Now: $15.00
Baby clothes

Baby clothes

Price: $0.99
Buy It Now: $6.00
Womens Clothing, Pants Size 3 sz Black dress

Womens Clothing,  Pants Size  3 sz Black dress

Price: $0.99
Buy It Now: $2.00
Grils clothes size 12m

Grils clothes size 12m

Price: $0.99